Star light, Star bright...
The first Star I see tonight…
I wish I may, I wish I might…
Have this wish I wish tonight...

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A Shining Star

When I had to leave you
I didn’t go far
Look up to the Heavens
I’m a brilliant shining star

May this Light show you
As it glistens from above
A very special Thank
You When You lifted me with Love

A Little Star that brightly shines
A Star that’s free of Pain
Held gently in God’s Loving arms
Until we meet again

When we miss each other
And want each other near
You shine your light upon the earth
And I’ll shine my light up here

So we always will remember
When we seem so far apart
To shine our lights together
With Love upon our hearts.

Posted 2 years ago
#this is exactly what Tala would leave as a note  #before he dies  #poem by Bonnie Morris